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Programs and Testimonials

Sugar Detox Program


  The Sugar Detox Program is designed to help you decrease and/or eliminate your sugar cravings. In addition, you can shift your metabolism from sugar burning to fat burning. This will increase your energy through-out the day and possibly eliminate the need for chronic snacking.   

 You will be asked to eliminate all sources of sugar and sugar substitutes, alcohol, processed flours and foods, high glycemic fruits and most refined grains. 

The program is ONLY recommended for those READY to finally crush their sugar cravings for good! At the end of this program I am confident that you will physically feel better and be on a path to improved long term health. 

Sugar Detox Program Testimonials


" I just want to say a great big thank you for all your help and support during our detox class.  What a great help it has proven to be!  My morning sugar numbers are down to 98!  Along with a thirteen pound weight loss, I am ecstatic, as you might imagine!  Thank you for coming up with a really easy plan to follow.  I have been on every diet known to man and this is the first one that I can look at as an eating plan I can see spending my life on.  THIS IS HUGE for me so, again, thank you and keep up the good work!!!  You are a treasure, my friend and councilor."  Carol

 "A very practical, easy to do program with FAST results.  You will get many positive long lasting effects if you make a commitment to stay with it... which is easy!"  Jeff 

  "I highly recommend this sugar detox course to anyone. Whether you are looking to learn about healthy eating, want to kick your sugar addiction, want to lose weight (a BONUS!) or want to feel better-take this course.”  Kristi

Sugar Detox Program Upcoming Dates



Wednesday, January 30th- February 27th           5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Wednesday,  March 20th - April 17th

             5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Wednesday, May 1st - May 29th

5:15 pm - 6:30 pm


COST:  $99 per person

             $149 per couple

Space limited. Pre-registration required.

Call 603-520-3176

Pre Diabetes Fast Track Prevention Program


The Pre Diabetes Fast Track Prevention Program is perfect for persons who have pre diabetes or are at risk for pre diabetes.  The program will help you identify your personal risk factors and learn ways to reduce them.  

Participants will  learn about and practice lifestyle changes that can help them reverse or prevent the development of pre diabetes. Topics covered include diet, activity, stress reduction, sleep quality and toxins. Weekly trackers and a shopping list is provided.

The program is for who want to take the fast track to reduce their risk for developing diabetes and improve their quality of life quickly.

Pre Diabetes Program Testimonials


"The Pre-Diabetes Program was the most life changing experience I ever had.  I have taken charge of my pre diabetes and already have increased my energy, overall health, sleep improvement and happiness."  RW  

"Patty was so helpful.  I loved getting all the up to date information and going to the classes.  I'm making better decisions and learned a lot.  My blood sugar levels have gone down and I've lost a few pounds as well."  JH

"Outstanding education with excellent outcomes!"  RW

" I thoroughly enjoyed the structure and organization of this class. It helped to break down all of the components of healthy eating and living into manageable parts. "  DS

Pre Diabetes Fast Track Prevention Program Upcoming Dates




COST:  $99 per person

             $149 per couple

Space limited. Pre-registration required.

Call 603-520-3176 


Sugar Detox (pdf)